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FICF's research focuses on pharmacoepidemiology. In 2005 FICF's IT Department developed its first electronic Case Report Form for a pilot study on the therapeutic use of cannabis (Sativex ®) in the prevention and treatment of induced nausea by chemotherapy (article). The success of that experience has shaped each electronic case report form developed afterwards.

The value of our electronic case report forms is the product of close collaboration between researchers, methodologists, clinical monitoring experts and IT experts. You can find additional information about those research projects on our blog.

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Case report forms validation checks with the principal investigators, including advice on variables, valid values' ranges, clinical relevance values' ranges, and dependencies among variables.

Electronic case report forms development according to Guideline for Good Clinical Practice.

Custom randomization system according to specific needs (simple, blind, double-blind, stratification by centre, etc.)

Face-to-face and distant training for researchers in the use of the electronic case report forms and technical support via telephone and remote assistance.

Integrity and security checks on databases while the study is going on. Once completed, it will be delivered to the sponsor along with the required documentation for the statistical analysis.

About us

Institut Català de Farmacologia (FICF) is a private non-profit foundation created in 1984. Since 1995, FICF is a WHO Collaborating Center for Teaching and Research in Pharmacoepidemiology.

A case report form is a group of forms designed to collect data during a clinical trial or observational study. An electronic version has a number of advantages over the paper version: ubiquity, flexibility, traceability, security and reliability.

One of FICF's objectives is to promote research on medicines and their effects, keeping in mind the principles of quality and ethics. In the last three years, the FICF has developed 20 electronic CRFs.